Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Apollo justice

review Apollo Justice.

When I was sick I became addicted again to the videogames.
Lately my favorite is Apollo justice , justice for all for the nintendo ds, I'm a big fan of this attorney games, this is the part 4 of the saga
you don't need to play the the other 3 games to understand this one, but you will enjoy it more if play the first Phoenix Wright game specially the fifth case.
Since you play as the successor of phoenix wrigth, Apollo you get a all new cast, another teen girl sidekick, new beginning as I can say.
(but still some cameos and references for long time fans)

Since it the first attorney game designed for the nintendo ds (the previous 3 were gameboy advance remakes) it uses a lot the improvements that used in the fifth case of the first remake.
like using the stylus to check 3 evidence, blowing your ds to find fingerprints etc...

I enjoyed a lot the game, but I could probably never beat it
if I haven't played the previous games since the cases were more difficult this time (even the tutorial is a lot longer).
The characters dialogues are clever than ever,
who does not enjoy phrases like :
“anything can come from my magic panties even the truth”.

Anyway con points.-
like in the previous games there is not much replay value since you already know all the answer is you replay it its like watching a movie again since you already know the outcome.

Characters.- this is kind of a personal preference but the main prosecutor in this game is kind of a joke unlike edgewoood , Von karma, Franciska etc. (probably this was to set him apart from them as all the cast is like totally different from the old cast)

Conclusion.- all of you that enjoy text games this one is for you, great story, cool characters, dialogue , fantastic cinemas etc..


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