Monday, June 30, 2008

Inuyasha ending

Inuyasha the end
spoilers ahead.

last week inuyasha ended after 11 years
of adventures, my main complain of the last two years that the story didn't advance
at all, yea got amazing fights , and cool moments but before the ending we got like 150 chapters of fillers.
Everyone got depowered somehow and
get cool updates, sango, seshumaru, kikyo, inuyasha got like 3 powerups.

The end was cool somehow I predicted
we would get an open ending but Rumiko probably did the ending she wanted.

cons are the famous “Rumiko death” in her mangas often she introduce important characters but somehow they dissapear
from the story. In this case was Koga after
he lost his shikon no tama shards and got
a legendary superweapon he didn't appear again in the manga.

Despise all its a good series with a happy ending, somethings left to the readers
to decipher (like naraku real wish).
And Kagome that after 3 years to say goodbye to her family and friends left everything behind to be with her love one.

I cant wait for her next work, I hope its a comedy.



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