Monday, January 15, 2007


Friday, January 05, 2007

Planet Karen


Planet karen its a comic that I liked since day one.

The webcomic its a daily blog about the life of the artist.
Karen as she faces her problems and adventures.
Every updates represents a day of the artist surviving her apartament , her dying social life or her problems making the
webcomic as it started as a printed fanzine

Unlike other biography webcomics the point of view of Karen
make the strip unique and interesting.

When I started reading the comic, I couldnt stop a feeling that I felt in a long time. Planet Karen its like potatoes chips you cannot eat only one.

One of my favorites things about the comic are the little moments of life a scary bathroom or when she was locked in her apartament because some city works,

I give planet Karen 5 of 5


Dia de Reyes

This is my Rosca de Reyes, minisize

When I went to get my camera someone ate a piece, The suspects deny any involment with the crime.