Monday, October 30, 2006

pvp rant

PVP rant

Somwthing I posted on pvp forums because I couldnt update on blogger.
Who reviews the videogames in the magazine?

Pvp has evolved from a video game strip to geek humor and lastly to non-geek drama
But today when I read Scotts blog when we got a nintendo ds (by the way my favorite console) I asked who the hell reviews the video games in the magazine

Lets check the staff.-

Cole: a buddy and old school gamer, he is more interested in pacman ang frogger videogames than gear of wars for the x-box 360 or pokemon diamond and pearl for the nintendo ds.

Brent Sienna.- he`s not a gamer a macfan , the office artist who is in charge of the design in the magazine only touch videogames when he has to enter in a mmorpg when the story calls in.

Jade.- yes the girl who plays mmorpgs! But those +100 hours games are not the 80% of the market halo`s and not online games are dominant with the among of hours needed for those games, she only could review a couple of them in 4 months!

Franciss .- the teenage tech guy in the office, he was in the beggining a pc gamer only for a long time (in contrast the real teenagers are pc-ps2-cube-xbox players and just discriminate the ones who dont own the console they do) but most of the cool games outside some fps and mmorpgs are console ones mainly (or at least before their pc wondertwins are released) so he just play pc and maybe some x-box 360 games but he is not a qualified writer “GAAAY” and “OWNED” are not article material for magazine and his gaming excludes the playstation 2 , the gamecube and the portable systems I mean more than the half of the gaming market!

Robbie and Jase.- yea those played sport games but only wrote one article, and those are not in the magazine anymore.

Marcy.- yea otto`s rival and lve interest even she is an avid player the recepcionist are not reviewers to be fair she is now a full time employee, but there is not proof what she plays, besides kicking Francis ass in multiplayer games.

Skull.- he is an intern he doesnt write for the magazineand only plays pokemon and kiddies games

Reggie.- besides “this game music rocks” nothing

Miranda.- she appears that she doesnt game at all.

Ok let summarize this

After thinking a lot the magazine its written by teens marcy and francy are the ones who play at the magazine and they dont play at least 50% of the popular games
That raises a question does pvp magazine did really exist?
We dont see other employee like janitors or printers etc, maybe that was a trick that cole pull out to live in a geek dream world with his buddies, it can be that Cole was rich at the start of the magazine (starting a magazine its not cheap) and it wasted his fortune so he was forced to sell Pvp to Max powers in order to keep that ideal world.

And yes Im not Fox Moulder or the Question at Jlu.
Just some random thougths.


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