Friday, October 06, 2006

Old comics

Checking my old comics before Pilli or ligth was the genesis comic (in fact my second comic I did for me and my friends at the 1999 ).
it lasted like eleven comics of 18 pages each but the first 7 sucked hard and it was incoherent and it was a pseudo secuel of another robot comic I did when I was little (more or less when megaman x was out).

I have some of them left (some of them dont exit anymore since they got to the trashcan years ago THANKS MOM)

Anyway they were done just inkpens no pencils but with a cost I had to repeat a lot of pages and took a lot of my time.

Here's a sample page

Genesis 8 pag 2 May of 2001

The funny story I got a lot of them in my personal library, But they are a lot of them and Im to lazy to scan them.

Since early 2000 I wanted to do a webcomic but I didnt have any idea how to do it, I didnt have a scanner and using the one from the school was a pain in the a**.


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